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Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help Alleviate The Symptoms of Andropause: An Analysis By Alabama Men’s Clinic


Aka male menopause, Andropause refers to a condition triggering a decline in testosterone, the male sex hormone levels. By and large, men aged 45-60 experience andropause, causing low libido, weight gain, mood swings, muscle loss, and associated symptoms. In essence, the deficiency of testosterone level is the cause behind this natural happening. According to the physicians of Alabama Men’s Clinic, there is absolutely no way to bypass the phase of Andropause, however, staying physically active, eating balanced diets, and changing lifestyle can help slow down its process.

Noteworthy, the T level during this phase also depends on certain factors like genetics and other health conditions. Under such a phase, considering hormone replacement therapy is the best choice.

Male Menopause – Symptoms

As per a medical survey, approximately 40% of men aged 60 to 70 have low testosterone levels. The percentage goes up to 70% for males who are over their 70s. It leads to various frustrating symptoms associated with physical, psychological, and sexual lives, taking a gross toll on the quality of life.

Symptoms of male menopause vary from one person to another. Typically they include:

  • Weight gain particularly in the abdominal part
  • Muscle loss, hair loss, fatigue, and weakness
  • Urinary discomfort
  • High blood pressure, increased cholesterol with higher triglyceride levels
  • Increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Mood changes, lack of concentration
  • Irritability, Depression
  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction

As stated by Alabama Men’s Clinic, many men during this phase come across a decrease in testicle size and a noticeable loss of sex desire. Dropping testosterone level also lead to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and insulin resistance.

To diagnose andropause, the only way is to test the hormone levels. With general blood tests, doctors nowadays measure the bioavailable testosterone in an individual.

What Leads to Andropause?

Andropause is not any ailment but an age-associated condition characterized by changes or lacking of hormones and this is a natural phenomenon. It is worth noting that certain factors related to one’s lifestyle can speed up the arrival of andropause.

  • For instance, men who have overweight, sedentary lifestyles, or alcohol abuse tend to come across the condition at an early age. Genetics, lessened sexual activity, smoking, and stress also contributes to the condition too.
  • As per Alabama Men’s Clinic, an increase in stress hormone – elevates cortisol levels that decline the production of testosterone level. Escalation of cortisol also impacts lean mass and reduces the rate of metabolism, which speeds up andropause further.
  • Moreover, deprived sleep increases cortisol levels. Clinical studies reveal a drop in testosterone levels by 10 to 15% in men who sleep less than five hours or have difficulty sleeping, insomnia, etc.
  • Additionally, an increase in cortisol level may cause insulin resistance as well as fatness and both conditions play a major role at the threshold of male menopause.

Prevention and Treatment of Male Menopause

Most symptoms of andropause can be prevented via a change of lifestyle as per Alabama Men’s Clinic.

Being a victim, make sure to involve in strength training which is a proven way to increase testosterone levels naturally. Also consider weight training, compound movement like the bench press, and squat are also effective to promote muscle mass, and boost metabolism thereby increasing T level.

Make sure to eat healthy and balanced diets, avoid the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. Also having sound sleep is important.

Another option that has become highly popular for its effectiveness is hormone replacement therapy. This involves the adoption of bioidentical grades of hormones to counter male menopause symptoms and get rid of the symptoms of andropause.

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